Animated videos

Make a lasting impression – fast

B2B content doesn't have to be static. Grab attentions and make your story stick with a memorable animated video. Your audiences will reward you for it with deeper engagement.

2D animated video

We transform your thought leadership into shareable, data-led content. By combining stunning animation and effects, we create videos that you can incorporate into your website and share across your social channels.

We can also incorporate audio. Whether it is music or one of our trusted voiceover artists, audio strengthens and personalises the storytelling – and leaves a lasting impression.

Created in your brandPowerful storytellingKey message takeawaysNarrative drivenAchieve instant resonanceOptimised for all digital channels

CASE STUDY The Science of Self-Disruption

The Science of Self-Disruption is a multimedia FT campaign, supported by Philip Morris International, that includes research, digital dialogues and activation on In order to create interest and anticipation ahead of the launch of the research, we created a ‘teaser’ animation to excite readers about the potential findings and their value for businesses facing their own transformation journeys.

The animation was launched as part of the first wave of campaign content at, alongside case studies of self-disruption and a Q&A.

CASE STUDY Unlocking opportunity for the decade ahead

The corporate services industry has reinvented itself over the last decade to better serve the needs of increasingly global clients. Now, in the wake of Covid-19, the industry must help its clients navigate a series of conflicting forces to protect and grow their assets.

Now in its tenth year, Vistra’s industry-leading research – surveying 620 corporate services executives – explores the big questions facing the industry in the decade ahead: Is globalisation really under threat? Has international regulatory cooperation peaked? And where will the line ultimately be drawn in the privacy versus transparency debate?