Data visualisation

From complex to compelling

A simple, eye-catching data visualisation can tell your story in seconds. Take full advantage of the power of your quantitative data by turning it into a visualisation – static or interactive.

Data visualisation

Done well, visualisations are a clear, compelling and efficient way to tell a data-driven story. And with our interactive visualisations, audiences can use filters to generate custom visual reports with the click of a button.

We design and build unique interactive visualisations from scratch. But we can also work with our clients' chosen visualisation platforms, such as Flourish and Tableau.

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CASE STUDY The corporate reporting survey data tool

Corporate reporting is critical to how organisations communicate their ability to create and measure long-term value for multiple stakeholders – from investors to communities.

Given the importance of corporate reporting to earning the trust of investors and other stakeholders, EY has conducted wide-ranging research since 2014, gathering the views of senior finance leaders from around the world.

We created a bespoke data tool that allows users to interact with the annual data from that global research program. The tool allows users not only to access historical data, but also to look at specific data through various lenses, such as comparing the global results against a specific country.

This allows the audience to engage with a data set that is unique in its breadth and historical depth, with a visually engaging presentation and intuitive interaction tools that allow them to personalise the data they are most interested in.

CASE STUDY The Next-Gen AI interactive visualisation

Siemens' Next-Gen AI campaign is designed to position the firm as the pre-eminent thought leader for the use of AI within industrial domains. At the heart of the campaign is a survey of 515 senior executives from energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, heavy industry and transportation.

This interactive visualisation showcases two key sets of research results: benefits and barriers. Users are able to explore how respondents rate these today, in three years' time, and by industry and region. All this information is presented in one simple alluvial chart, which immediately communicates a major higher-level finding: over the next three years, all barriers to AI are falling, and all benefits of AI are rising.