Show off your data

Data makes your content more authoritative. But today's time-poor audiences need it to be accessible and contextualised – if you make them work too hard, you will lose them. So bring your key findings to life with a striking and intuitive infographic.

Infographic design

Our infographics can include custom illustration, graphics and chart design – all tailored to the message, to the data and to your brand.

Infographics transform dry data into shareable, at-a-glance talking points. We provide our infographics as a static graphic in formats that you can easily use across your communication channels.

Created in your brandBitesize narrativePowerful visualsSimple, intuitive design Audience engagementPersuasive calls to action

CASE STUDY The European Financial Wellbeing

The European Consumer Payment Report is an annual report that investigates how 24,000 consumers in 24 European countries are managing their household finances.

For the 2019 report, we worked with Intrum to develop a series of infographics that would showcase the most newsworthy consumer finance trends.

Intrum shared the infographics across its social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram – to drum up awareness of the report and generate media coverage.


Siemens' Next-Gen AI campaign is designed to position the firm as the thought leader in AI innovations across industrial sectors ranging from heavy industry to train networks.

We created a suite of four infographics for the campaign. Three of these focus on survey results for specific industries, which demonstrates Siemens' sector expertise – a key competitive strength. The fourth splits respondents into two groups: AI Leaders and AI Laggards. It grabs readers' attention by highlighting the distance between the two groups – illustrating just how effectively an infographic can show off interesting data.