Interactive stories

Build your brand with a captivating online experience

Your audiences are starved for time. Take your messages off the page and turn them into online stories audiences can interact with, and you will grab their attention – and keep hold of it. These feature-rich online stories include interactive data visualisation, animated video and eye-catching campaign graphics.

Interactive stories

Your content needs a home online – whether standalone microsite or additional pages that are integrated into your website. And that home should tell a story.

We build sophisticated scrolling stories with elements that come to life as your audience explores the content. This creates a rich, multi-layered experience that encourages engagement and builds emotional connections.

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CASE STUDY A year of challenges

2020 will be remembered for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Europe’s businesses will feel the impact for many years to come. For its latest European Payment Report, Intrum surveyed 10,000 businesses across 29 European countries to understand their cash-flow challenges and the financial health of their company. The results highlight how businesses are taking steps to prepare for a recession caused by the crisis: 38% of respondents plan to cut costs, and 35% are becoming more cautious about debt.

The edge of


In a world where lateral thinking is upending age-old industries, businesses require an intelligence edge.

CASE STUDY The Edge of Intelligence

Industries are converging, competition is intensifying, and companies need intelligence. They need to know what is happening beyond their sector – with their clients’ clients, supply chains and partners.

We worked with the Financial Times to find out how FT readers rate their organisations' use of market intelligence. The outcome? There is significant room for improvement.

Our research also illustrated the benefits of an FT subscription: its reporting and analysis give business leaders vital context for their decision making.

CASE STUDY More Perfect Software

Increasingly, organisations’ success is tied to the strength of their software development approach. Yet until now, little research has been undertaken to understand the extent to which firms are improving their software development capabilities, and the challenges and opportunities they face in doing so.

New Relic’s survey of 400 business leaders across industries and geographies sought to measure the progress companies are making on the path to more perfect software. In particular, the research assessed firms’ capabilities across five key pillars of software development – and the results found that those with the strongest capabilities report fewer outages, a faster pace of innovation, and stronger financial performance.