Report design

Real thought leadership needs professional, intuitive design

Influence and inspire your audiences with a beautiful product that they will want to read. Our professionally designed reports make reading your insights a pleasure, with a clear structure, compelling charts and perfectly crafted layouts.

Report design

As well as layout, typography and imagery, our designs can include static charts based on the underlying data, infographics and supporting vector graphics.

We can provide our report layouts for both print and online use. For the latter, we can also integrate basic interactivity, such as internal hyperlinks that help the reader to navigate the document, and external hyperlinks to online sources and references.

Created in your brandIn-depth reportingClear and precise page designCustom-designed static chartsStrong typography and imageryOptimised for print and digital

CASE STUDY Trusted intelligence in extraordinary times

The FT B2B team wanted to underline the value of an FT subscription by exploring the role of market intelligence in business decision-making. Market intelligence helps businesses to understand the needs of their customers, accelerate their growth and adapt quickly to evolving environments.

The survey of more than 500 FT readers found that investment in market intelligence was set to increase, yet there were still many information gaps. The report was used as part of a nurture and lead-capture campaign with prospects.

CASE STUDY The Innovation Race

European carmakers have long been world-leaders in innovation. But the world is changing fast. As technology enables undreamed-of possibilities in electric and driverless mobility, and as new rivals reshape the market, what is the state of the European industry?

Protolabs’ survey of 300 senior executives, reinforced by interviews with automotive thought leaders, sought to find out. Our research revealed an industry at the crossroads, on the brink of upheaval and opportunity on an unprecedented scale. Ultimately, these changes are driven by rapid, dramatic and unpredictable advances in technology.